What’s Next?

Hey everyone! 

So recently, I took a family trip to New York, my hometown, and it was amazing! And life-changing in a sense. I didn’t spend a lot of money or do crazy sight-seeing but I did have Key experiences that triggered a new fire in me about the plans I have for my life! Simple things like visiting my childhood home, walking to the corner store and riding the train to the city opened my eyes to a whole new realm of experiences just waiting for me to explore! As I walked about the busy, busy streets of TimeSquare, I was completely enraptured in thinking about what was the next chapter in my life. I’ve always known that I was meant for more, meant to live in a big city, doing what I love each and everyday. The experience of being lost in the city reminded me of my first goal I had after college: moving out of state! It was an incredible feeling that sparked inspiring thoughts all of the way home. Thus, I have begun creating a new chapter in my life! Which brings me to this post…what’s next for my beloved blog? 

Well…I have decided to make the Vibe Within strictly a Personal Development blog that will fall under my new overall brand. The Vibe Within will continue to be a guide with exercises, tips, and articles meant to drive you towards finding your true self and your deepest passions. In the meantime, I will be developing a new personal brand that will reveal itself in time 😉 as well as planning on moving out of Charlotte once and for all! 

Cheers to new adventures!! 



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