Fear is the Opposite of Self-Love

Hi everyone,

I decided to use the quote above as the image of this post because it is sooo powerful! It resonated with me the moment I read it [thanks to Lauren Ash’s awesome post] and I wrote it in my journal. It makes us confront our fears and ultimately ourselves and confess to what it is that is stopping us from conquering the world.

“Fear is the opposite of self-love.” Repeat that to yourself and really let it sink in. Self-love is the act of taking steps that are aligned with promoting a healthy well-being,  promoting your inner-growth, and inviting aspects into your life that are fulfilling, uplifting & allow you to reach your highest potential. Self-love is the root of wellness and mindfulness; it is the reason why we take calculated measures to ensure we have a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Fear is the opposite of that in that it hinders your wellness journey and is counterproductive to self-love, growth and positivity.

Fear is that hesitation you feel before accepting that big opportunity; it is that little negative voice whispering to your conscious that you CANNOT do something that you were born to do. It is crippling in a multitude of ways. When we count ourselves out of something before even trying, it is because we are afraid of failure. Do you realize that, that is the opposite of believing in ourselves? If we are so afraid to fail, then we are not even giving ourselves the opportunity to be GREAT. The fear leads to worry and the worry leads to doubt. So before even absorbing the confidence it takes to accomplish a great deed, we have let fear, worry and doubt steer the ship and cloud our ambitions. And when that happens, we are bound to fail without the drive to get back up.

Failure is inevitable, always. But it is not the end all, be all. Failure is an opportunity to learn how to be Great. It is from our mistakes, that we learn the BIGGEST lessons about life and our inner-being.

So how do we combat that feeling of fear?

We get down to the root of our worries. Ask yourself: what is it that I am actually afraid of? Is it that I’m afraid to fail or am I scared for other people to see me fall? Once you figure out that root cause, you must confront it wholeheartedly and then gain control of it. Fear is not our enemy; it is actually the tool we need to tell ourselves, this is what I should be doing. If I’m scared, then I HAVE to do it. Because guess what is lying on the other side of that fear? Pure freedom. Once you jump over that wall and realize you’re flying instead of falling, the feeling is euphoric because you have reached your inner strength and power. We all have that power inside of us just waiting to burst out. But we can only tap into it by trusting and believing in ourselves.

That trust and belief that we are meant to do great things is the essence of self-love. We all have the opportunity to conquer the world.

Do not let fear be the thing that stops you from reaching your higher purpose in life.

Love love and more love,




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