Sundays: A Time to Regenerate 

Ahhh Sundays..

I remember being in college and dreading Sundays because it was the end of the weekend & class would be coming up Monday morning. Usually, I had most of my work to do that day [procastination] so it would really suck if it was nice out & I couldn’t enjoy the day.  Nowadays, I look at Sundays very differently because I started approaching them with a new perspective.

Everyone knows Sunday as the end of the week, but what we tend to forget [or at least I do] is that it is also the beginning of a new week! There’s energy within that sequence that can lead to so many discoveries! For example, let’s say that you’ve had a bad week all around and by the time Sunday comes, you are completely over it. You feel that way because the energy of the week is passing by you like dark clouds after a storm. It’s literally disappearing to make way for sunshine.

Last Sunday, I made peace with my feelings from the past few weeks, my struggles, my challenges and prepared myself for the start of a new realm of adventures. This past week marked the start of working a total of 3 jobs; something I am very proud of because it took some leaping, self-confidence and conspiring with the Universe to get them. I felt like I was straddling a mystical, imaginary line of my old life and my newfound one. I was excited because I knew that not only was this the end of some very challenging times for me, it was also the beginning of a different chapter with fresh, distinct experiences.

I encourage everyone to look at their Sundays with a redesigned perspective–as a time for renewal. If you’re having a bad week, look forward to Sunday being the end of that negativity and an open door to a positive week. If you allow yourself the space, you can be regenerated. You should set your intentions to make that the day to do some self-care activities: spend time in nature, do a face mask, play with your animal(s) and reflect by journaling & meditating to focus on what you hope to achieve in the upcoming week. Having a positive Sunday will glide you right into a happy mood the next day so you can fight those Monday blues!

I hope this makes you look at the little things in life with a little more curiosity…






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