“Take the picture, silly.”

His gaze roamed over her. “Not yet.”

“Why?” She demanded, impatiently.

“I’m an artist. I like to study my subject.”

She pouted. “You know…I’m never going to be more beautiful than I am in this moment.” She drew her legs up slowly and covered her breasts. “Now, take it. I’m ready.”

He chuckled, amused. “Darling, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I will always admire your beauty. You’re mine, forever. I will fuck you, forever.”

Her face lit up. “Promise?”

He winked at her. “Smile, baby.”

**Photo credit: @stargazersss



Somewhere in the forest

The Moon is shining

On all of the Creatures in its path

And somewhere hidden in the trees

In the shadows

Is a creature with great beauty

whose existence is a mystery

whose story is being written

She sits on a branch

Waiting for the moon to shine on her

so that she may open her wings

leap from the shadows

And fly freely among the stars


The Art of Seduction 


I want to share with you all a poem I wrote that was actually inspired by a tweet I saw a while back! I read it and thought it was intriguing so I let my imagination take over and began writing! 

I hope it makes your night a little steamier…


I want to scare you

I have no other motive

Stay still

Don’t breathe

Let me come closer

Shiver for me

I want to feel the goosebumps on your flesh 

Feel the heat from your body 

Look at me

I want you to fear me 

Let me caress you

Trace your skin

With my mouth

Yank your head back

Sink my teeth in

Your beautiful neck 

You are confused

Stuck between fear and need

You need my touch

Fear the outcome 

You should be afraid baby

I’m here to scare you 

Next time

I will touch you…


Keep expressing your inner wildness loves! The untamed imagination is the essence of your creativity..!

Be free always,