Embrace Your Power

Hello beautiful people,

It’s gloomy and dreary outside today; and surprisingly cold for early September!

I’m embracing it for the most part though, because that means that fall is coming soon or that the hurricane is near >.<

So today’s post is about the importance of embracing the power within you. I believe that we all have our own ancient power that is embedded within our being–that is carried with our soul throughout our lifetime; I believe that it is passed down from our ancestors and our past lives. In this power lies our skills, innate abilities (natural talent), thirst for knowledge and our sixth sense. If you can tap into it, it can come in handy when trying to tackle life’s dilemmas.

For example, let’s say that you are applying for a job that requires 5 years of experience and knowledge of certain programs. You only have 2 years of experience and knowledge of one program from a previous role.

Number one: Do not panic! Just because it seems like you are lacking an amount of skills does not mean you are not well qualified for the role.

The first thing you have to do—after you wipe away those feelings of inadequacy— is to trust and believe in yourself–in your inner power. You will discover that you are highly intelligent, a fast learner, ambitious and eager for knowledge. THAT is what will get you the job–not necessarily your “know-how” but your desire to learn these new skills quickly & efficiently. It is your self-confidence that shines so bright, it burns through anyone’s doubts that they are basing off of the contents of your resume.

By using your power, you turn your visible weaknesses into viable strengths, which will show the person not only why you are a good candidate but why you are the best & only candidate for the job.

Next example, let’s say that you want to start a diy or creative project at home but you are lacking certain tools or equipment needed. Again, don’t panic! You are a beautiful, POWERFUL being that can draw from what is around you. You must use what you have to get where you want to be. Look up any substitutions or alternatives that can be used in place of what you’re lacking, or take the time to self-educate–and gain power [knowledge] that way. Read articles, do research, or even online shop for things that will be needed for this project. Do not give up because it seems as if something is missing; in reality, YOU are all that is needed for your goals to succeed.

If you’re having trouble or do not know where to start to find your power then don’t worry! All you need is guidance & the right tools to help.

Here are some tools that can be used to access your inner power & strength:

Crystals & Stones: Use ones for clarity, intuition, wisdom & creativity (clear quartz, flourite, iron pyrite)

Chakra candles: When your chakras are aligned, it easier to access information about ourselves because our energy flows abundantly & is able to be directed to the proper outlet.

Horoscope: Read your horoscope (from a trusted source) for the week to find out how to get over any obstacles headed your way.

Nature: There’s nothing like the outdoors that inspire you to make the most out of your day and life in general. Take some time to meditate in the park & discover what has been on your mind lately.

Yoga: Yoga is the perfect tool to realize the strength your mind, body and spirit have when connected!

Reading: A self-awareness, self-teaching or some yummy fiction can awaken your imagination and bring forth ideas!

**Any wellness activity can be used to access your power. Find one that works for you, embrace it and then use it to conquer whatever obstacles are standing in your way!!


Peace & love,



What’s Next?

Hey everyone! 

So recently, I took a family trip to New York, my hometown, and it was amazing! And life-changing in a sense. I didn’t spend a lot of money or do crazy sight-seeing but I did have Key experiences that triggered a new fire in me about the plans I have for my life! Simple things like visiting my childhood home, walking to the corner store and riding the train to the city opened my eyes to a whole new realm of experiences just waiting for me to explore! As I walked about the busy, busy streets of TimeSquare, I was completely enraptured in thinking about what was the next chapter in my life. I’ve always known that I was meant for more, meant to live in a big city, doing what I love each and everyday. The experience of being lost in the city reminded me of my first goal I had after college: moving out of state! It was an incredible feeling that sparked inspiring thoughts all of the way home. Thus, I have begun creating a new chapter in my life! Which brings me to this post…what’s next for my beloved blog? 

Well…I have decided to make the Vibe Within strictly a Personal Development blog that will fall under my new overall brand. The Vibe Within will continue to be a guide with exercises, tips, and articles meant to drive you towards finding your true self and your deepest passions. In the meantime, I will be developing a new personal brand that will reveal itself in time 😉 as well as planning on moving out of Charlotte once and for all! 

Cheers to new adventures!! 


Passion Playbook

Hello everyone,

If you are like me then you have been stuck in a lifeless 9-5 job, corporate or otherwise. Well I’m tired of that lifestyle…so I have begun the process of discovering my passions. One of those is writing which is why I started this blog. I realized that I wasn’t the only one going through this and found out there’s a big need for guidance and support for others stuck in this same predicament. 

I have begun to create a Passion Playbook that will be filled with exercises and steps meant to guide you on this journey of discovering your inner self and finding your passion! Below I included 6 steps as an introduction to the Playbook that should help you all get the wheels turning in your head. If you know someone else dealing with these challenges then please share this post with them! 

*You’ll need a notebook and pen for this exercise. 

Find your Passion 

  1. Remember yourself: think back to when you were younger and had a million ideas of what you wanted to be when you grew up. Focus on 1-3 of those careers and decipher each. For example: if your dream was to be an Astronaut then that could mean you had a love of outer space, planets and the Universe. It could also mean that you enjoy exploring the unknown. Write down all ideas.
  2. Take each characteristic of the job and continue to break down the components. Going with the Astronaut example, once you figured out you love exploring the unknown, think about why. Maybe you are drawn to daring, adventurous, unpredictable activities. If so, your best bet is to find a job that allows you to take risks. Dig deep!
  3. Discover yourself: ask questions! What captures your interest currently? If you went to school, what did you major in and why? What can’t you go a day or week without doing? What does your sign and birthchart say about you? Keep asking yourself personal questions & write out the answers. 
  4. Break down the components of your answers once again. If music is a big interest of yours then ask yourself why! Is it the lyrics you identify with? Are you an artist? Do you enjoy the creative aspect? Or are you fascinated with the technical aspects such as production? The “why” is the most important! A lot of times we do or say things without asking ourself about the drive it took to do those things. 
  5. Find the connection. Write out your dreams as a child alongside your hobbies and interests as an adult. Find the interconnectedness between them. Read between the lines! 
  6. Be limitless. If money was no object and you could literally be anything you wanted, what would you do? Most of you will not hesistate with this because you already know what you want to be. Now is your chance to dream BIG so don’t hold back. Write out as many things as possible! 

All finished? Now take a look at each of your lists…study them..connect the dots and voila! The answer should be right there in front of you 🙂 

**Stay tuned for updates on my new Passion Playbook! 

Happy Writing,